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AI and the Future of Information Access

AI offers tremendous benefits for deepening and widening access to information. But there are also many problem and challenges. The future of AI-driven information access is not set yet, but it’s constantly being shaped through our discourse, policies, and actions. What will we choose and do? Is it possible to leverage AI’s potentials while…

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Sustainable Technological Development Planning of Artificial Intelligence-Based Learning Platforms (AILPs)

To date, the selection of AI tools has lagged behind work on other software-specific aspects of modern learning platform development. We designed a novel technology relevance assessment methodology based on an expert Delphi survey and multicriteria analysis. Then, we applied the results to plan further development of the prototype platform and to build its exploitation…

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Open AI, ChatGPT: To Be, or Not to Be, That Is the Question

Some consider ChatGPT smarter than humans, some call it destructive technology, and others consider it a great helper for writing scientific and research studies. The world of artificial intelligence shows that it is very exciting and that this technology can help humans at a very high level in any field, a subject that was considered…

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The Questions We Are Not Asking Enough About AI

There are plenty of hopes and hypes about AI these days, but what is often lacking in these conversations is a set of questions that are more fundamental than what AI could, should and would do. These questions are about what we consider as intelligence, free will, and indeed what it is to be a…

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Using ChatGPT as a Digital/Smart Reference Robot: How May ChatGPT Impact Digital Reference Services?

The emergence of OpenAI Chat technology can replace the human expert because this technology, using machine learning and intelligent algorithms, is able to automatically provide the best answers, which leads to increased productivity and reduced human error. In this study, we will explain to what extent ChatGPT can be used instead of digital services. We…

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