Contribute to Information matters

Information Matters (IM) welcomes contributions on a rolling basis in areas of interest. Make sure you understand who we are and what kind of audience we have. Then read up on our style and formatting expectations. Once you submit your post, it will be reviewed according to the content, quality, and style expectations. Even when accepted, you may get revisions suggested to make your contribution suitable for the IM platform. The whole process typically takes 2-4 weeks.

As the author, you retain the rights and provide IM exclusive license to host your contribution for 3 months. Read about our terms, conditions, and author consent here.

Once you are ready, follow our these steps to submit your post:

Here are the steps for submitting your first post to Information Matters (it gets easier for the subsequent posts!)

Follow this link to create an account with IM. 

You will get an email to set/reset your password.

Login with your account.

Once you login, you will be directed to your profile page as shown below. Feel free to change anything you if want to.

Now, click on Posts->Add New in the left bar.

This should bring up an editor like shown below.

You need to enter at least the title and the main text. We also encourage you to pick appropriate categories and enter tags (3-5 is good) in the right bar. Don’t worry, these can be changed later and in a good likelihood, we will adjust or add them for you.

Once done editing, go ahead and push that ‘Publish’ button on the top right. Instead of publishing immediately, it will actually submit the post for review as shown below.

At any time, you can go back to your dashboard and see your previously submitted posts, and edit them if you like.