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Adverstise with Information Matters Advertising on IM can help your organization reach a wider Information Science audience.

Our content is being produced, seen, and used by prominent scholars, practitioners, and organizations in the space of information science from around the world. They not only click on our content but share it with stakeholders and use it in their daily lives, professions, and classrooms.

Our platform attracts and engages thousands of visitors every month from different parts of the world.

  • More than 30,000 site visitors per year, from over 100 countries (and growing) around the world. 
  • Our readers come from various fields: education, business development, administration, and information technology.
  • Our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts receive dozens of new visitors every day. IM’s X/Twitter posts generates more than 500 impressions every day.
  • Through SSRN (Elsevier’s research article engagement promoter) IM articles are reaching government and education subscriber-institutes at institutions including, Harvard University, University of Washington, University of Illinois, Columbia University, National Taiwan University, University of Mannheim, Goldman Sachs Headquarters, The Wharton School, and Intel Labs.


Advertise with IM using one of the three campaign packages below. Send your interests and inquires to us for more details and customization.

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