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translation: turning research into impacts


Five functions of information sharing in serious leisure: Releasing the power of information among passionate people

Why do we feel compelled to share information with others? With serious leisure—the pursuit of hobbies, voluntary activities or amateurism that requires effort, dedication, commitment, specific skills or knowledge—the motivations behind information sharing are complex. This article explores five themes to help us gain a deeper understanding of the role of information sharing in the context of serious leisure.


Critical Data Modeling: Tools to Trace Oppression in Information Systems

Critical data modeling uses tools from data modeling and systems analysis to analyze information systems, connecting social critiques to the structure of digital information systems and data objects.


Information Science Breaking up?

Many would agree that the institutional library/information service R&D, information seeking, information retrieval, and biblio/infor/scientometrics form the landscape of Library and Information Science (LIS). These subareas are also brought forward in introductions to, and analyses of LIS (e.g., curricula, lectures, textbooks). Still, scholars contributing to different subareas may increasingly turn their attention toward the territory outside LIS – and be integrated there – or remain as visitors to LIS, being based outside. Are there indications toward that in LIS research? We decided to analyze the trends.


Maximizing Accuracy in Modeling Physical Phenomena through the Power of Information Theory

Information theory research has developed a method for estimating the limit of measurement accuracy at the model-building stage, which enables the calculation of precise values for the threshold difference between the model and the real phenomenon.


Storytelling Dynamics and Misinformation: the Bad S-DIKW Framework

How do we know if a story is accurate or inaccurate, rational or exaggerated, correct or misleading, especially when an untrue story may be more gripping than the truth? Telling true stories, or truthful storytelling, requires a set of abilities for transforming data or information into story form, which can be related to various levels of the DIKW hierarchy.


Two Ethical Dilemmas in Conducting Human Subjects Research on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

The study identifies two additional ethical dilemmas in conducting human subjects research (i.e., research with crowd workers) on MTurk: Dehumanization vs. Respect for persons; Monetary incentives and reputational risks vs. Beneficence.

Frontiers: Reaching Beyond Human Knowledge


Mental Health and Title IX: Challenging Privacy and Transparency

How transparent are universities about mental health resources and student privacy relative to Title IX? What are best practices for information dissemination relative to these resources? What should students know about privacy, transparency, and mental health relative to Title IX?


Endangered Social Media Innovations Part 1: Usenet’s Small World Model Preventing Large Scale Content Manipulation

Yet another troubling development in social media is research that looks at ways to help online discussions stay on-topic and to prevent discussions from descending into exchanges of hostilities.


Digital Libraries for People: Ethical Design, Adaptive Exploration, Analytical Support

There are new and emerging trends in data science, information science, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence which have influenced and continue to influence our thinking and the ways in which we design and evaluate digital libraries.

Opinion: Scholarly Ideas, Scientific Curiosity, Bold Propositions

Social Media Decorative Image

Social Media is Killing Our Tribes

Social media has not helped us build a strong and resilient tribe with diverse skills and resources. It is now simply geared to help us find others that “like” the same things as we do, which is not the connection points for tribes.


In Its 90th Year the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Sidelined Information Professionals: Here’s How You Can Help

In early June, Australia woke to the news that the nation’s public broadcaster (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) was making its librarians and archivists redundant.


Wikis: A Viable Platform for Supporting Academic Research Operations

Modern collaborative Wiki platforms can be used to support and facilitate the research process, and to provide a starting point for the efficient implementation of a knowledge management system in academic research settings.

Education: Bring Learning and Enlightenment to your Life


The Open Access Movement: Opportunities and Hurdles

The Open Access movement is the movement to make available or publish scholarly literature on the internet to readers free of charge and free of unnecessary licensing restrictions.


How ChatGPT Can Help Improve Quality of Code

As an AI language model, ChatGPT can offer several suggestions and guidelines that can help you write better-quality code.


Webinar Engagement as Professional Development: A Graduate Student Perspective

Do you ever find yourself asking, “What is the best way for me to develop specific skills or gain knowledge that would benefit me in the long run?” Don’t worry, you are not alone. Determining which professional development opportunities are most beneficial for a student’s résumé and growth when entering the workforce is vital for their success in academic careers.


ChatGPT and Academic Integrity

Introduces ChatGPT and discusses the academic integrity implications and concerns raised by researchers and educational institutions and the importance of rethinking learning assessment approaches and strategies.


Gamification in Theory and Practice Seminar—Designing an App

If video games and their game elements are attractive to the younger generation, why not offer a practical course about game elements and how to integrate them into (mobile) applications?


Information Science Macareindeer

Season’s Greetings from INFIDEOS, a YouTube channel of educational videos about Information Science. Information Science Macarena is a short (2-minute), light-hearted, holiday-themed celebration of some of our field’s colorful characters and their ideas. It was created with students in mind, but is a holiday gift to all enthusiasts of Information Science.

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Desarrollo de competencias de búsqueda de información en línea en escolares

las competencias para la investigación en línea de los estudiantes en Chile, no necesariamente están suficientemente desarrolladas para abordar sus tareas escolares.


Dime cómo planteas tu problema, y te diré qué tan difícil es

Encontrar las palabras correctas para recibir los resultados deseados se puede volver una tarea difícil, y hasta frustrante


¿Se debe estudiar en medio del caos?

Si bien existen múltiples opciones educativas con contenido curado, dentro de las cuales también hay motores de búsqueda especializados, las estadísticas indican que 5 de cada 6 estudiantes prefieren acudir a los motores de búsqueda Web para realizar sus deberes escolares (Byrne, Kardefelt-Winther, Livingstone, & Stoilova, 2016)

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