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Introducing INFideos: Information Science Videos on YouTube

Introducing INFideos, a YouTube channel of educational videos about foundational ideas of Information Science.


Artificial Intelligence: What Are We Trying to Achieve?

Now, the question is, which types of intelligence do we want our AI to possess?


Deep Learning and the Evolution of Useful Information

Deep learning has changed what we mean by data. Information that is analog in origin, like words, pictures, and molecules can now be directly interpreted by computers and learned from.

translation: turning research into impacts


The Episodes of Information Grounds

Information grounds, where people use public places to share information with others, are in suspension during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Measuring Interdisciplinarity: A Scientometric Perspective

Information scientists adopt the references of a certain publication as a proxy for characterizing its interdisciplinarity.


Much of Information Is Not Really That Ready To Use

We often think and act like information would be something you grab like a can of pop and pour it into your mouth.