Author: Boris Menin


  • Boris Menin

    BORIS M. MENIN (Member, IEEE) received an MSc degree in 1973 at Electro-Technical Communication Institute, department of Multichannel Electrical Communications and received a PhD in Mass and Heat Transfer at the Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry, Russia, St-Petersburg in 1981. Dr. Menin was Director of the Laboratory of Ice Generators and Plate Freezers in St. Petersburg from 1977 to 1989, after which he emigrated from the Soviet Union to Israel. There he was the Chief Scientist at Crytec Ltd. (1999–2008) and managed the development, production, and marketing of pumpable ice generators and cold energy storage systems, while also modeling and manufacturing high-accuracy instrumentation for heat and mass processes. He is now an Independent Mechanical & Refrigeration Consultation Expert. In addition, he has managed Task 3.1 of the European FP6 project in the field of food cold chain and several of Israel’s (EUREKA, integrated project of EU and Chief Scientist Office of Israel’s Ministry of Industry) in the field of cold energy storage systems based on pumpable ice technology. He is an author of five books and 67 journal articles, and is a member of ASHRAE (USA) and SEEEI (Israel).

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