How to write for Information Matters?

If you would like to submit an article for publication inĀ Information Matters, please keep in mind the general qualities we look for in a published article:

  • An elevated conversational tone, intended for an educated but non-expert reader who seeks to know more about the information science subject or topic.
  • The general goal is to educate the reader, who may know very little about the subject. Teach the reader to know more. Entice the reader to want to know more.
  • Brevity: ideally, an article is 500-1000 words, with some exceptions (see below).
  • Avoid technical jargon. Assume the reader has little or no expert knowledge.
So what does that mean in practice? Here are things to consider as you write.
  • Start with a good title. Something that not only informs, but also catches one’s attention.
  • Your first paragraph is the most important one. This should be very different from what you may write for a technical paper. Catch a reader’s attention with the main point about your post. Convey the main message. This is much like what you would find in many newspaper or magazine articles.
  • Finish strong. As the reader leaves your post, what impression should they carry forward? Are you asking for a call for an action? Raising a point for further discussion?

We will help you do some of this shaping and formatting. We also add appropriate graphic elements, but you are welcome to upload your own, if you like. Most posts are 500-1000 words, but exceptions are possible.

We look forward to seeing your submissions. Start here.

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