Calling all student leaders

Information Matters (IM) is looking for student leaders. That’s right. We are seeking students with energy, enthusiasm, and even some crazy ideas to create something, build something, and be a part of impacting the vast information landscape. We are forming the Students Board for Information Matters with student editors. The Board will be responsible for seeking student-focused content and organizing student-led events for the IM platform. This is a great opportunity to show your leadership skills, create new initiatives through IM, and shape how IM evolves.

If you are interested in joining our inaugural Students Board for Information Matters, send your CV to [email protected]

Information Matters

Information Matters (IM) is a digital-only communication translational forum for information science, bringing relevant and current research evidence and industry developments, news, and opinion to a global public audience free of charge. The platform is sponsored by the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T).