Information Matters Call for Sponsorship

Information Matters Call for Sponsorship

Information Matters (IM) is a digital-only communication translational forum for information science, bringing relevant and current research evidence and industry developments, news, and opinion to a global public audience free of charge. The platform is sponsored by the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T).

The platform attracts thousands of visitors every month from different parts of the world. We receive dozens of visitors every day to our social media platforms. Our Twitter account generates more than 10,000 impressions per month. More important than these numbers is the fact that IM content is being produced, seen, and used by many prominent scholars, practitioners, and organizations in the space of information science around the world. They are not only clicking on our content, but also sharing and using them in their daily lives and professions (e.g., using in classrooms, communicating with stakeholders). Having IM promote your content and organization can be a very effective way to reach a wider audience.

The typical three levels of sponsorships are listed below. Custom solutions and discounts are available. Contact us for an inquiry or interest.





Campaign duration

1 week

2 weeks

4 weeks

Homepage banner (rectangular) under the main navigation menu

1 week

2 weeks

4 weeks

Side banner (square) on each post

1 week

2 weeks

Social media campaign

1 channel for 1 week

3 channels for 2 weeks

5 channels for 4 weeks

Newsletter banner

1 time

2 times

4 times

Mention in ASIST Weekly Roundup

Once during 2 weeks of campaign

Twice during 4 weeks of campaign

Podcast (InfoFire) production and distribution

1 episode


USD 1,000

USD 3,000

USD 5,000